NZ Rental WOF is setting the standard for all landlords to aspire to, and gives property managers and landlords a market advantage for prospective tenants to use when selecting a home. This is a national standard that is measured against both current and future regulations and is assessed by Industry trained Inspectors.

NZ Rental WOF is about managing risk, assessing a property on behalf of the owner and evaluating the current condition. Opportunities for Improvement can be identified prior to tenanting through a “Pre Rental Inspection WOF” or we offer a “Tenant Investigation WOF” which may be used to assess how a tenant is living in an occupied property.

NZ Rental WOF offers a common sense approach to auditing rental properties, and is based on a criteria that has taken into account the results of the Government & Regional National Trials, to one that is practical and achievable and focuses on the opportunity for improvement and empowers tenants when selecting a home to rent.

At NZ Rental WOF we have developed a product that is best suited to our market place and has been tried and tested to obtain a positive and transparent outcome for all parties. We would like to offer all landlords the opportunity to benchmark existing properties against both current and possible future legislation to check if they are providing safe and well maintained homes that are warm and dry and free from mould, cold and damp and that is fit for purpose.

Healthy Homes Standards Compliance

NZ Rental WOF gives private landlords a tool to better manage their rental investment ensuring that their properties meet all regulatory compliance, adherence to standards and The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) regulations. Compliance is now a prevalent business concern due to an ever increasing number of regulations that require landlords to be vigilant about maintaining a full understanding of their regulatory compliance, that if not adhered to will be subject to substantial fines and penalties under new powers given to the MBIE.

  • Offers a Pre-Rental Inspection WOF or a Tenant Investigation WOF

  • Provides a benchmark of the property for future additions and improvements

  • Landlords can utilise the Star Rating when marketing their property to future tenants

  • May be used as an assessment tool to see how a tenant is living in an occupied property

  • Provides evidence that may be required by the MBIE regarding complaints from tenants.

  • Procedures and training developed by experienced Industry and Quality Management Leaders

  • Provides an evidence based audit allowing owners & tenants to make informed decisions

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment given new powers to investigate and act


How it works

NZ Rental WOF is broken into five key audit areas... known simply as HIVES:






Each of these areas has a set criteria and audit structure that is undertaken by our Industry Trained Inspectors using our custom developed NZ Rental WOF App.

Inspection information is stored in our database (including photographic evidence) and an overall Star Rating is produced based on the HIVES inspection criteria.

Finally an audit report is produced and supplied to the customer. The report is intended for landlords as an opportunity to promote and improve their rental investment, and for prospective tenants as a guide when choosing a property to rent.